The people who became the charter members of the Gayndah Wesleyan Methodist Church were introduced to this denomination through a “chance” meeting with Rev. Don Hardgrave, the representative of the church in Qld. at the time.  The statement of what the church believed seemed to express the views of the people and a desire to be part of such a movement was firmly planted in their hearts.  Visits from other church leaders from Melbourne, notably Rev. Aubrey Carnell a former District (National) Superintendent and Dr. Jim Ridgeway the current DS. Confirmed the desire.

After months of investigation, prayer, and discussion, the first service was held on 5th September 1976, at the home of Herb Rose 7kms out of Gayndah.  This large Queenslander house was the meeting place of the church for about two years before the services moved to the RSL Hall in Gayndah, which served as our meeting place for four years.

In 1983 the Baptist Church at 4 Dalgangal Road Gayndah was rented, following the closure of Baptist services in town.  After some negotiation the Baptist property was purchased a couple of years later.  This property, consisting of Church, Hall and adjoining Manse has continued to be our home since that time.

Rev. Graeme Carnell along with his wife Vicki was appointed as our first pastor at the beginning of 1977 and served the church for six fruitful years.  They were followed in ministry by Rev. Peter and Robyn Howe (1983-87); Justin and Bev Shanahan (interim pastor for 1987); Rev. David and Laural Millican (1988-93); Rev. David and Joy Powell (1993-96); Rev. Peter and Michelle Lyne (1996-99); Zane and Jo Herrington (2000-2003)

From 2003 to mid-2015 the church did not have a regular pastor and went through some very hard years.  Ministry was maintained by local lay preachers, visiting preachers from other Wesleyan Churches and other friends of the church who were available.  Beginning in 2012 discussions were held with a young trainee pastor regarding possible appointment to Gayndah.  This developed slowly, till in August 2015, after much prayer, discussions with District leadership and deliberations by the local church, Pastor Scott Griffith and his wife Jade took up appointment as a part-time pastor and also was appointed to serve as Chaplain to the local High School for two days each week.  A new day has dawned!

The Gayndah church played an active part in commencing other churches in the surrounding towns, by travelling to these places to conduct mid-week bible studies.  Churches commenced in Maryborough, Nanango and Yeppoon from these activities.  Early members of the church, Stan Baker and Lionel Rose answered the call to ministry and after ordination, and ministry in various churches, served the church as District Superintendents.  Stan also served as National Superintendent, while Lionel served as Chairman of the Board of the denominations theological training institution, Kingsley College.

Members of the Gayndah church have been willingly involved in service for the wider church, through district boards and committees, leadership at youth camps, and cooking at youth camps to name a few.  In the early years, Easter Young Adult camps were held in the local Showground and our church welcomed up to 100 young people for the weekend.  In recent years, much smaller numbers of young adults have visited the church for a weekend of service combined with some country hospitality.

Though one of the longest serving Wesleyan Methodist churches in Queensland, and having endured some hard and dry years, this church is poised to again serve the local community by the ministry of a young, enthusiastic and dedicated pastor and his wife.  The congregation is excited to be part of this ministry.